Are you Looking for an Alternative, Affordable, Downsizing Option? 

The Oak Hill Co-Living concept was born when Janette Ledwith, a Rockwood resident and homeowner, attended a Rockwood Co-Living Interest Group information session and later decided she wanted her home to be the first co-living home in Rockwood. Co-living at Oak Hill provides interested parties the opportunity of co-ownership in a shared home with shared decision making and shared expenses. Owners can ‘age in place’ together sharing the cost of care supports as needed and benefiting from neighbourly mutual support or co-care that can help reduce the social isolation of living alone promoting positive, active aging. In a co-living community, giving and receiving co-care is entirely voluntary. Residents may choose to support each other by doing errands, driving, cooking, or going for a walk together.

Caring While Sharing

video3Co-living focuses on a genuine sense of community and creates a more convenient, supportive and fulfilling lifestyle.

Our household will consist of six like-minded adults who share ownership of the shared property. While the kitchen, dining room, living room and laundry room will be shared, each member of the household will have their own private bed/sitting room and bathroom, which can be furnished by the owner to suit their personal style. This combination of common and private spaces preserves privacy while valuing community. Additional amenities include energy efficient appliances, ample parking, mature trees and perennial garden, and full accessibility.

Is Co-living for You?

Not sure if Co-living is for you? Would you like more information? You can read more about Co-Living on our About Co-Living page, and why not check out our Co-living Compatibility Questionnaire while you’re at it. If you have questions or are interested in learning more about our vision for Oak Hill, please contact us or come out to our next meeting and say Hello!


“Many aging baby boomers in the community are asking themselves where will they live as they age and need help. Many dream about living in their own home, in an affordable, safe neighborhood, but are not sure that exists.”

Middlesex Senior Cohousing

“I want to invest in relationships now so that when I need help, I will already have them. We have choices and don’t have to do ‘aging’ the way it has always been done.”

Pat Darlington – Oakcreek Cohousing