Are you Looking for an Alternative, Affordable, Downsizing Option? 

oakhill_frontdoor5Is maintaining a home on your own taking more of the time you would rather spend enjoying other pursuits? Do you value your independence and choose to be involved in making the decisions that affect your daily life? Would you look forward to coming home knowing you wouldn’t be alone in the house? Then keep reading….

Caring While Sharing

Co-living focuses on a genuine sense of community and creates a more convenient, supportive and fulfilling lifestyle.

Our household will consist of six like-minded adults who share ownership of the shared property. While the kitchen, dining room, living room and laundry room will be shared, each member of the household will have their own private bed/sitting room and bathroom, which can be furnished by the owner to suit their personal style. This combination of common and private spaces preserves privacy while valuing community. Additional amenities include energy efficient appliances, ample parking, mature trees and perennial garden, and accessibility.

Oak Hill Co-Living may be the alternative you are looking for instead of an apartment, condo or large retirement residence.

“Great presentation! So exciting! Wishing you great success! A wonderful project!”


“The longer someone can stay in their house and have the company of another person, the more they benefit from significant health benefits.”

David Sheffield, community outreach worker at Green Wood Coalition