Durham MPP’s ‘Golden Girls Act’ to help seniors share homes

Durham’s MPP is hoping to make it easier for seniors to get home sharing permits.

Lindsey Park’s private member’s bill, ‘Golden Girls Act,’ aims to help clear the way for seniors to co-habitate when they’re not related.

The act was created after four senior women tried to renovate a home in Port Perry, but Scugog council blocked their plans.

They tried to renovate a home to include two caregiver suites in their basement and add an elevator to service the three-story home, all of which was designed to help serve them as they age.

After a lengthy struggle, including many community meetings and appearances before their local council, it was the Human Rights Commissioner of Ontario weighing in that eventually made the council back off.

After meeting with the women, Park introduced a the bill to provide clarity to local municipalities that they cannot use their local by-law making powers to try to stop this kind of housing project for seniors.

It will be discussed and debated in the legislature Thursday.