About Co-Living

Co-ownershipcollageWe are pleased to introduce Oak Hill Co-Living, a planned co-living home to be built in Rockwood, Ontario. Oak Hill is planned as an eco-friendly home, focusing on a reduced ecological footprint, environmentally friendly practices, energy efficiency and water conservation.

Oak Hill Co-Living provides independent living in Rockwood, Ontario. Common living, dining and kitchen areas allow for daily interacting and friendship while bed/sitting rooms with private bathrooms provide privacy on your terms.

Sharing of expenses like taxes, utilities, maintenance and insurance reduce individual monthly household costs; an important consideration with the high cost of heating, especially for those living in under insulated homes.

Residents will jointly own the home as co-owners of a shared property and jointly make all decisions. Family members and POAs (power of attorneys) are welcome at the monthly meetings. Co-ownership allows for equity retention and co-ownership shares are individually saleable or become a part of the person’s estate.