Private Bed/Sitting Room Floor Plans

Oak Hill will have six private bed sitting rooms for each of the six co-owners.  The private bed sitting rooms were designed with a goal of efficient use of space that can be furnished in a variety of configurations to suit the occupant. Once a prospective purchaser has signed the co-ownership agreement of purchase and sale and paid their deposit they will be able to select which of the private bed sitting rooms they would like to live in. All other areas of the house and property are owned jointly by the six co-owners and available for their ongoing use.

Bed/Sitting Rooms facing Northeast

Bed/Sitting Room 1

Bed/Sitting Room 3

Bed/Sitting Rooms facing Southwest

Bed/Sitting Room 2

Bed/Sitting Room 4

Second Floor Bed/Sitting Rooms

Oak Hill Co-living Bed/Sitting Room 5
Bed/Sitting Room 5

Bed/Sitting Room 6

Loft Bed/Sitting Room

Bed/Sitting Loft
Bed/Sitting Loft