Common Areas

Oak Hill Co-living Common Areas

Oak Hill was designed with a goal of an ecologically reduced footprint.  Living smaller in shared spaces and sharing resources is environmentally responsible.

Single family detached, R1.

Lot size: 
Richardson frontage – 263.72′, Balaclava frontage – 66.48′

Original house: 
Main floor – 770 sq ft, second floor – 770 sq ft (includes staircase), loft – 430 sq ft.
Original basement (utility and storage only) – 770 sq ft

New addition:
1826 sq ft

New living space:
Main floor finished living area – 2402.5 sq ft
Second floor finished living area – 680.2 sq ft
Loft finished living area – 430 sq ft

Total new usable living space (above ground) – 3512.7 sq ft
New basement and recreation room (utility, storage and living space) – 1826 sq ft

Please note:  All square footage sizes are approximate.