For Sale

1/6th Co-Ownership Share

Oak Hill was designed with a goal of an ecologically reduced footprint. Living smaller in shared spaces, and sharing resources is environmentally responsible and comes with economic benefits. The six co-owners of Oak Hill will each own a 1/6 share of the property and house, much like being a part owner in a ‘private retirement home’. Other than the individual private bed sitting rooms you will have access to all other parts of the property and house. Each resident of Oak Hill will equally share ownership of the property as co-owners and your share will be saleable should you chose to leave, or it will become a part of your estate should you pass while living there.

Once you have completed the co-ownership agreement of purchase and sale you will be able to select the bed sitting room that you prefer to reside in. Each bed sitting room has small differences like location, number and exposure of windows, layout and closets. Storage space is available in the basement for each co-owner. To view a comparison chart of the features for all of the private bed/sitting rooms click here.

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