Co-Ownership Investment

Co-ownership in a co-housing home provides an opportunity for family members and friends to assist in providing a supportive housing solution for their loved one. Although the trend in the past has been to provide for aging family members by building a granny suite in the basement of the family home, co-living in a shared home of like-minded seniors may be a healthier solution.

  • Each 1/6 co-ownership share at can be resold on the real estate market.
  • Family members or friends can provide low interest financing to their loved one to enable them to purchase their co-ownership share.
  • Family members or friends can purchase the co-ownership share on behalf of their loved one and rent it to them.
  • If the resident should pass while living in the home their co-ownership share becomes a part of their estate and can be sold.
  • The demand for co-housing shares is expected to increase with the growing senior population.
  • The loved one has ongoing companionship, interaction and support during the day.
  • The loved one has accessible housing to provide for safe aging in place
  • The loved one has the opportunity to stay actively involved in decision making and activities of daily living.